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Why Choose the Original Splatback?

Our splats have been tested, meet US regulations, and are safe. Most other company's splats have not been tested and contain lead levels that do no comply to US toy standards and regulations (it's illegal for them to sell them, but it is so easy to get them in the country and no one is policing it). They also contain PHTHALATE levels that do not comply to US toy standards and regulations. We continually change our splat recipe to meet at exceed changing safety standards. We spend 10% more than our competitors to make our splats so they are safe for your children. The water in our splats, unlike most of our competitors, has been tested and is safe enough to drink (I don't suggest it, though. It tastes nasty). Click link to see our test results. Ask any other company for their results, most can not produce.

2. OUR SPLATS ARE MADE FROM THE BEST MATERIALS! Our splats are made with thicker material so they last longer. We spend 20% more on the materials to make our splats to ensure higher quality standards. We have less than a 1% breakage, most competors are over 7%.

3. WE GUARANTEE OUR SPLATS! I have yet to hear of another company that replaces broken splats. They don't back up their product and we do.

4. WE ARE TRULY THE ORIGINAL PRODUCER OF THE SPLAT BALL TOY! All other suppliers are duplicating our product but not our quality, safety, or guarantee.

5. FUN! Our splats are just more fun we guarantee it.

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