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FAQs | SplatBack - The Original -


If you still need help or have questions feel free to contact us

Are you the original splat ball creator?

Yes, we created them back in 2007 and have sold millions of splat balls worldwide. Our manufacturer has granted us exclusive rights to sell the product in the US and abroad, and only makes this product for us, nobody else. We started the whole splat ball revolution, so rest assured you’re buying the best on the market when you buy from

What makes your splat balls better than the copycats?

Our splats are made with thicker material so they last longer. We spend 30% more on the materials to make our splats to ensure higher quality standards. We have less than a 1% breakage with normal usage. Most competitors are well over 10%.

I had a problem with splat balls purchased somewhere else?

Please be aware, there are many companies selling copies of our product out there. SplatBack doesn’t make every splat ball sold in the world (I wish we did). It’s also been brought to my attention, some are using our name in selling their products, so please be careful for whom you buy from. Even on places like Amazon, it seems everyone nowadays likes to call their product Splat Back, even though it has nothing to do with ours. We do not have any association with those companies. If you have an issue with the product you purchased from somewhere else, at a mall kiosk or wherever, please contact them directly instead of emailing or calling us. We will no longer be responding to such inquiries, since every single inquiry has ended up being another brand. In the rare event that you did actually buy from a real SplatBack reseller, you would still need to take up any issues with them, since we don’t employ those people or own any kiosks. Thanks for your understanding!

Are your splat balls safe for children?

Yes, our splats contain only filtered water so they’re the safest available. They’ve been tested, meet US regulations, and are perfectly safe. Most company’s splats aren’t tested and contain lead and phthalate levels that do no comply to US toy standards and regulations (it’s illegal for them to sell them, but it is so easy to get them into the country since no one is policing it). We continually change our splat recipe to meet or exceed changing safety standards. We spend 30% more than our competitors to make our splats so they are safe for your children. The water in our splats, unlike most of our competitors, is safe enough to drink (I don’t suggest it, though).

How should I care for my splat back?

SplatBacks are durable and will provide long lasting fun as long as you adhere to a few simple guidelines.  It is very important that you explain these guidelines to your clients or children.  Due to the nature of this product, there is no warranty either expressed or implied, so please follow the below care instructions to take care your splatballs.

SplatBacks were designed to be indoor toys. If SplatBacks are thrown on concrete, rocks, grass, textured ceilings, dirty floors or anything that has a sharp, jagged, or rough surface, they will likely break. SplatBacks are recommended for indoor use only. They can last many months if you treat them right, only throwing on smooth clean surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, tile floors, wood floors etc…

Also, allowing SplatBacks to return to their original shape before retrieving them will increase their lifespan. Pulling them too quickly from a surface before it’s been allowed to reshape weakens the plastic and shortens the life of the product. Again, be careful not to throw SplatBacks against anything with an edge, such as corners of appliances, furniture, and molding as they may burst.

When SplatBacks lose their sticking or expanding ability, simply wash with warm soapy water and dry them. Never use any chemicals or harsh cleaners to clean them. Our daughter and her friends have had the same Splats for the last 6 months+ simply by following these instructions. If they do break, 99.9% of the time is because someone did not follow these instructions.

Do you offer free samples?

 Unfortunately we can’t send any for free. If we sent free samples to all who asked, we’d go broke fast with all the requests for free samples. I learned long ago in my other businesses, it’s just not cost productive to give out free samples to all that ask, since there are some people just scouring the internet looking for freebies. What I have always done with people who are truly interested in reselling my products, is deduct their initial total order cost for up to 2 pieces if they decide to place a larger order anytime in the future. So if you’re interested in running your own business reselling these and would like to look at a couple beforehand, simply make a purchase through our online ordering system and if you decide to purchase larger wholesale quantities later on, just drop us a note and we’ll deduct your initial purchase price from your wholesale order total.

How are your splat balls packaged?

 Splat balls come in bulk in plastic bags packaged inside boxes of 12 (16 boxes per 192 piece case). We don’t not offer retail packaging at this time, it’s just too expensive for a product like this. If you purchase a box of 12, you’ll received them in a colorful box shown below, otherwise they will be repackaged inside plain shipping boxes.


How fast do you ship?

With winter upon us, we’re currently shipping out orders twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday.  Most orders will be sent through the USPS via First Class or Priority mail so you’ll receive them in 2-5 business days in most cases. You’ll receive a tracking # once your shipment is on the way. Larger orders including wholesale orders of 1+ cases will be shipped via FedEx ground cbd tea on

Do you ship internationally?

 Unfortunately, due to the high shipping costs of this type of item, we no longer ship outside the US.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

 Please see the wholesale page for more info on wholesale case shipments.

Want to own your own business selling these?

 Tired of working for someone else or simply want a change and become your own boss? You’ve came to the right place. You can make a substantial monthly income selling these at a mall kiosk, inside vending machines, flea market / swap meet / fair or your own store if you already have a business. We offer competitive wholesale pricing for our resellers, as well as quick, precise shipping assuring you’ll always be stocked with product. I’ve owned kiosks before, so can help answer any questions you may have regarding them. Most importantly, you’ll always receive a prompt response to any questions you may have. Our success is based on your success, so we will do everything we can to help you succeed! Click the wholesale link at the top of the page to inquire about this great opportunity.

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