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Looking for Ivermectin online? Buy Stromectol online as Covid Cure

Consumers and patients worldwide have turned to digital platforms to buy Ivermectin and over-the-counter drugs, visiting online pharmacies in 96 countries over 2.7 billion times in the first quarter of 2021. This corresponds to an astonishing 43% growth over the first quarter of 2020.


Madison Pharmacy (Rating: 4.2) [1350 Concourse Ave #111, Memphis, TN 38104, United States | (901) 321-5530 |]

The very friendly staff at this Madison Pharmacy. If you follow proper procedures, you never have to wait at the drive-thru for your Stromectol medication. I have my Rx sent from CVS Specialty to this location to pick up, so I never miss the delivery at home, and I would not do it any other way. 5 easy stars here.

Never coming back here!! I waited forever to pick up my prescription. I figured I could shop around for some house essentials while I was there. I ended up grabbing a mouse for my daughter’s school computer, the manager, Richard, took it to the register for me because it was locked. The price for Stromectol said $15.99. When I get to the register, they were charging $30.99, double the price tag amount. To make a story short, they said it was in the wrong place, with the wrong price. But the Manager RICHARD didn’t honor the $15.99 price, even though he knew exactly what they did wrong. Didn’t even offer a discount or a sorry for the confusion. Just a “Do you still want it?” Wow! The ladies at the register, Melanie and Leslie, were very polite and helpful hence the 3 stars.

Peoples Custom Rx (Rating: 4.7) [785 E Brookhaven Cir, Memphis, TN 38117, United States | (901) 682-2273 |]

Very nice clean, and well-stocked. I don’t really interact with the staff only to perhaps ask what isle something is in. I do a self check out. With that, I can say there’s always an associate nearby to help if you need it checked out.

It’s important to me when I receive outstanding customer service to report it, and I want to take a minute and report it. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of and used a compound pharmacy. When I called to confirm the information and pay for Stromectol prescription, the staff were very professional, very affable, and extremely knowledgeable. They were informative and walked through my concerns and lack of information about compound pharmacies and the new medication as well. I felt totally at ease. I do not always encounter great customer service. So when I do, I am obligated to respond to it. I highly recommend Peoples Custom Rx to anyone based on the staff’s customer service. Well done in hiring and maintaining stellar staff members.

Highland Heights Pharmacy (Rating: 4.4) [3423 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122, United States | (901) 452-2189 |]

Highland Heights Pharmacy is the best pharmacy in NY. Prescriptions are ready in 5 to 10 minutes. Bubble packing is available for those needing this type of service. The benefits of bubble packing a great, so you never miss your medications. Those services are available for homeware homes and elderly care.

Out of the 6-7 places where I COVID Test every week, this new (to me) place seemed a bit understaffed. The gal who helped me was by herself… She was personable and professional, but she had to literally run around. Not set up logistically for speed. Glad there were only 4-5 other clients there when I arrived; otherwise, I would have been late to my next COVID test at UDX labs  35 minutes later…

Guardian Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) [3110 Stage Post Dr # 109, Memphis, TN 38133, United States | (901) 800-2100 |]

COVID test was an easy and pleasant experience. They were very friendly and fast – I was in and out within 10 minutes. There was a scheduling error on my behalf, and they quickly forgave it and fixed it. Test results available within 2 hours (but usually sooner). Excellent customer service!

You can tell that a lot of the items on the shelves have been collecting dust and haven’t been replaced in a long time. I don’t recall seeing any food expired or in bad condition, but they also tend to have empty shelves here. Personally, I avoided buying Ivermectin from this Guardian Pharmacy and used it for its decent cosmetic section and its small home supplies aisle. A little messy but it’s not like it’s a nightmare location.

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